Gregor The Overlander Struggles

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Even when times are difficult, you have to live in the present and not the past hold you down. This was evident in the book Gregor the Overlander. Gregor said, ‘Mount up!’ called Gregor… ‘Mount up, we are going home!’ ” (Collins 282) Gregor had to forget about the Struggles and losses he had tried to find his dad and focus on getting home safely; just as Luxa had to overcome the loss of her cousin who had also betrayed her. “ From the moment they had taken off, she had wrapped her arms around Aurora 's neck and closed her eyes to the world. Gregor couldn’t just imagine what she might be feeling… But Henry was Luxa’s family, and he had given her to the rats” (Collins 283-284). While Luxa had to move on from this issue, she was the queen and

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