Life Essay: What Is The Value Of Life

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What is the value of life? To me the value of life is cherishing every moment that comes to me. To make sure with every experience to take it to heart and learn some kind of lesson out of it. life is like a mountain, at certain points throughout the climb it is going to be really tough mentally and emotionally. Other times it’s going to be so easy fun and smoothe until… one hits that bump in the road again. We may think to ourselves the only option is to give up, to stop the climb and lose all complete motivation to continue. That’s when the friends and family are there to help us, to pick us up, and to help motivate us to continue the climb. I relate the mountain with life because, sometimes it 's not going to be easy and the only thing that I wanted to do was give up. This past year has been one of the hardest years because, its senior year and college is around the corner. I have been multitasking with school, sports, planning my immense college move, making sure I do outstanding on my college placement test and, all in a matter of not burning myself out. I kept letting myself down and continuously telling myself that I can’t do it. Recently I just got out of my first relationship with the person I would consider to be my first love. I suddenly felt heartbroken and depressed in a way where I wanted to give up in school and felt as if I had no value to my life because, once again I put all the pressure and faults towards myself. I couldn’t grasp that everything

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