Group Discussion Questions On 'The Sniper'

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“The Sniper” – Group Discussion Director (facilitates the discussion for the group): ___________________________ On-Task Person (keeps the group on task and on subject): _____________________ Recorder (writes down the answers for the group to be turned in): __________________________ Reporter (speaker for the group –will report to class): ________________________ 1. The sniper is described as a fanatic. A fanatic is a person whose interest in something or someone is irrational and intense. What is the sniper fanatical about? What does the author's use of the phrase "cold gleam" imply? When the author states that the sniper is fanatical, i think it means that the when the author says that his face was thin and ascetic, but still his eyes had the gold gleam, meaning that even though his face is thin he still has a fixed mindset. He is a sniper, so he has done …show more content…

The author uses vivid imagery and descriptions throughout the story. Find three examples of figurative language (and indicate the page number) that the author uses to help the reader see and feel what the sniper is experiencing. One example of a simile in the Sniper was, machine guns and rifles broke the silence of the night, spasmodically, like dogs barking on lone farms, this was found on page 5. Another simile was, and his right arm was painting him like a thousand devils, on page 7. Finally a metaphor, a machine gun tore up the ground around him with a hail of bullets, page 9. 5. Why must the sniper leave the roof? Why can he not leave yet? Why can he not use his rifle? The sniper must leave the roof because his enemy is right on the other side of the roof. If he would stay on then he would have been shot by his opponent. 6. After killing the enemy, the sniper's attitude has changed. Describe the reactions - both emotionally and physically - of the sniper. Why do you think he has reacted in this way? What do these reactions reveal about the emotional state of the

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