Observation Essays

  • Childhood Observation

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    is to see it but when you see something with the thought of meaning, your eyes are really open. This observation is based on a visual fifteen minute observation of a preschool age male child. The content of this project will bring meaning related to the description, interpretation, and personal reflection of the fifteen minute observation. Description The project was focused on the observation of a preschool male child. His general appearance was dressed with a long sleeve checkered shirt, gray

  • Observation In The Workplace

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    friend and I went to Southside Café to begin working our case study on March 2nd, 2018. While walking to the dining hall I had noticed that the majority of people walk and text at the same time and my friend also seemed to notice this. Another observation we both made is that people either walk by themselves or in large groups. When entering the dining hall, we noticed that the majority of people hold the door for the person behind them, even if they are several feet away. Once we got inside we split

  • Playroom Observation

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    Observation 1 I observed a group of six children roughly between the ages of five and ten. The observation occurred at a semi-formal wedding reception at an art museum in Minneapolis MS. The children were not included in the ceremony, but came to the reception immediately following. They had been introduced to one another in the playroom and had all become fast friends. The reception was relatively unstructured. There was no assigned seating, or a sit down meal served. Instead guests and their

  • Observation Of A Hairdresser

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    The observation has been conducted on Tuesday 18th of October, from 4:30 pm to approximately 7:30, while being at the hairdresser. After few minutes of observation, it could be noticed that there were a great number of employees (seven) - composed of two men and five women - for few clients (four). The objective of this observation was then to analyze how the tasks will be divided among the nine of them and what was everyone’s role in the saloon. Based on experience, in France, one hairdresser is

  • Hendersonville Observation

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    Place of observation-Hunter Middle School in Hendersonville, Tennessee Date/Time - Saturday, February 20th from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Event taking place - Parks league basketball games (First and second grade boys) I work as a referee for the city of Hendersonville’s parks department, and I decided to observe the actions and behaviors of the parents of or the adults supporting the kids that are participating in the league. On Saturday, I had seven basketball games of first and second grade boys

  • Walden Observation

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    Toddlers. The Walden School 2 and 2 and half years 1) I observed that it is a clean place. The areas of toileting are separated from areas used for cooking, eating and children’s activities. The tables are cleaned regularly. The teacher uses gloves to serve food. Children wash their hands with soap and water. I also observed an exit plan. They keep the dangerous products locked. Pags.161, 163 2) They follow a daily schedule that is printed. Daily schedules include; good morning songs, greeting

  • Infant Observation

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    resources I was able to obtain through the library. Daisy’s actions are not unusual, in fact, they are what one would consider normal in a developing nascent. Her actions and responses are an imperative contribution to her demeanor on behalf of my observation. I recall the moment I entered the household and made eye contact with Daisy. She expressed no facial movement or emotion as I approached her to say, “Hello.” This is a

  • Observation Participation Assignment

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    Observation Site: Constitution Plaza near Berkeley Bart station 11/21/15 • Start time: 11:05 / Beautiful Sunny day, I feel excited about doing this Observation Participation assignment. • Observation site has several store fronts a, Walgreens, optical store, ice cream store, and Chase Bank. Many people of varying social strata and races walking around on the plaza’s red brick and mortar sidewalk. . The center of the plaza has red brick and mortar flower boxes with edges one can sit and

  • Assignment On Classroom Observation

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    BPT1501 Assignment 04 UNISA student number: 57342709 Unique assignment number: 867207 2 Context Cover page: page 1 Context page: page 2 Observation Essay: page 3 to page 4 Photo collage: page 5 Story on photo collage: page 6 Plagiarism report: page 7 Permission letter: page 8 3 Observation: I did a five day observation in a 00 class at a nursery school. I observed many interesting and valuable teaching concepts. The classroom environment has a very bright and welcoming

  • School Observation In School

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    great pace while focusing on control. Also, during the class, a little boy booted a girl’s ball across the gym because he was mad at himself for messing up. The teacher came to calm him down and he continued to do the activity. (Repeat from first Observation) When I asked Mrs. Ruff her opinion about co-ed physical education and at what ages/grades would it be better to separate the two sexes, her response was passionate which made me feel good and glad I asked the question. Mrs. Ruff believes that co-ed

  • My Writing Observation

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    During my first two weeks of observations, I did my best to observe different tutors every session to evaluate the different ways you could perform a writing workshop and to gauge which techniques I felt I could use and what techniques wouldn’t work for me. In all of my sessions, I took notes on statements that the tutor made that I thought I could use and tips and tricks that could help me in rough patches. For instance, in one session, where a student came in to brainstorm ideas for a paper with

  • Elementary School Observation

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    Observation reflection On October 6, 2015 I had the opportunity to observe a Pre-kinder class located in North Hollywood called Arminta Elementary school. Arminta Elementary school is directed by Principal Ramirez. It is a public school and part of the Los Angeles Unified school district. The school goes from Pre-kinder all the way to fifth grade. There are twenty-one teachers in this school. All trying their hardest to educate and encourage the students to a better future. The school requires

  • Middle Adulthood Observation

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    Through Middle Adulthood Christina M. Chongoushian Felician University REPORT ON OBSERVED SUBJECT 2 Abstract In this paper I have inferred what is happening to my subject from a developmental perspective based on my three observations. My subject REPORT ON OBSERVED SUBJECT 3 Report on Observed Subject: One Women’s Journey Through Middle Adulthood Over the past few months I have observed a subject whom I address by the initials of MC. MC is 52 years old

  • Study Room Observation

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    Observations of Furman Study Rooms Juhee Bhatt Furman University The Furman University James B. Duke Library contains several study rooms; students have reported multiple complaints of improper usages of these rooms. The outlines of the rules are placed in each study room and they clearly state that a study room must contain two or more people. These rules are made to prevent study rooms from being used improperly. Often, people will place their materials in these rooms and then leave

  • Observation Of Observing Children

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    Observation of Child For this observation I went to the Mall. I sat next to the playground, which was full of children from different ages, and their moms watching them. The child I decided to observe seemed to be around three years old. • What did the child do during your observation? Be specific, what did he/she do and/or say? How did he/she interact with others? When I started looking at the playground, I saw many kids, but one of them got my attention as he was placing his face in one of the

  • Child A Child Observation

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    upset because another child took a toy from him, therefore, his teacher suggested that he move to the science center, which she later told me is his favorite center. During the altercation, Child A was so upset he couldn’t speak. Through all my observations, Child A was never aggressive or violent to any other children. Because of his disability, having melt downs might be his defense mechanism. The other child involved looked surprised and the teacher couldn’t even ignore the child if she wanted

  • Foster Care Observation

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    However, by the end of my observation of the child my mind had changed, because I took the time to observe and really notice his non-verbal behavior and I found his strengths. This was an eye opener for me, because it made me sit back and think how easy it is to label a child or misdiagnose a child. This exercise builds a confidence in me and that made me feel good. It made me feel good because I can actually put my social skills into practice. I know it was only an observation training exercise, but

  • Temple University Observation

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    Lastly, I did my own observation while at Temple University. I went to the center of campus, a place called Polett Walk and I went at the busiest time, lunch time. This is when everybody is walking around between classes. I found a place to sit and I observed for about an hour. During my time observing this area I saw that people were walking through and looking around at their surroundings. They were making sure to not walk into each other. Other than just people walking through the area, there

  • Johnson Center Observation

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    during the hour and half minutes I stayed there. However, I did see a couple of behavioral norms operating in this site. The second floor of the Johnson Center (JC) is known to be an area many individual socialize throughout the day. During my observation one thing I noticed, off the bat was how loud it was. The JC has many tables for individuals to sit, socialize, eat and study. There was a group of about three people sitting at each round

  • Bedroom Observation Paper

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    Observation Project For my field observation project, I sat and observed the on goings on a local restaurant and bar called Prime 91 which is a little south of Akron, Ohio. When I walked in I smelled meat and onions and garlic being cooked in the kitchen, a little bit of the musty smell coming from the old coat closest that’s at the front of the restaurant and a faint hint of bathroom cleaner. In the open room where we sat had a 16 seated wooden bar, wood floors and white table clothed tables. Four