Observation Of A Hairdresser

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The observation has been conducted on Tuesday 18th of October, from 4:30 pm to approximately 7:30, while being at the hairdresser. After few minutes of observation, it could be noticed that there were a great number of employees (seven) - composed of two men and five women - for few clients (four). The objective of this observation was then to analyze how the tasks will be divided among the nine of them and what was everyone’s role in the saloon. Based on experience, in France, one hairdresser is in charge of one client and the “intern” washes your hear. By contrast, it was surprising to have the nine of them surrounding me, with up to four hairdressers taking care of my hair at the same time.

At first, two persons were brushing my hair in order to take out the knots. On my left, a woman (she would be referred to as woman “A”), who was about 35 years old. She was all dressed …show more content…

Compared to the other employees, she was wearing black polo neck and black loose jean with running shoes that made her look more masculine. Moreover, such as man B, she had short spiky hair with red shades and was wearing no make up or any jewelry. By observing her, one could tell she has been working there for a long period of times. Just based on the fact that she has been the one in charge of cutting my hair it implies that she is the one with the best experience. Moreover, analyzing the other employees’ attitude towards her, one could depict the respect and admiration she conveyed. She was the one giving order, and they were subordinating. For example, in the process of curling my hair on my hair, she was helped on the other side by woman A. This emphasized my say that woman A is experienced, but not as much as woman C as I could notice she tried to go as fast as woman C in doing the curl, but it turned out that she had to do the curls

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