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LUO Xin 150133850 DE114303/2D European the history of wigs Wigs from ancient Egypt to Europe. Ancient Greek and Roman some people think that the bald man was punished by god, the bald men as sinners. Thinning hair or bald officers will be some Greek territory chief refused to arrange jobs for them. The Romans even used to intend for parliament to pass "bald" illegal bald man running for the senate, bald slaves can only sell for half price. Bald men have to from discrimination, is wearing a wig obscures the flaws. Wigs got further popularization, in the Roman empire period, many europeans have used wigs, even the emperor is wearing a wig, the enemy soldiers and civilians in times of war the hair often as trophies tribute palace. Some noble to …show more content…

Some professional wig as they are also part of the dress, and become the certain legal system tradition, and many commonwealth countries and the area of practice. Until 1823, the episcopal bishop of the Anglican and Ireland in a religious ceremony when wearing a wig. Big lawyer wearing a wig is the popular style at the end of the eighteenth century, the judge in the trial, accompanied by a court dress wear wigs and big lawyer wearing short wigs are similar, but they achievements and queen 's counsel to participate in major ceremony bell type wig. The development of women 's wigs, unlike men 's wigs, began to spread in the 18th century, the early give priority to in order to add some hair at own really hair wigs, until the 19th century to the early twentieth century are not popular full head type of wig, how is the old lady wearing a hair loss. In the eighteenth century to the early twentieth century, Europe has a lot of poor people sell hair wigs. In 1911 in the encyclopedia britannica, said poor Balkan country girl often to cut down the hair for sale, and rural girl grow and sell hair in the south of France are also

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