Growing Up Trans Movie Summary

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Summary of Main Points Growing up Trans is about this generation of children/teens who have gender dysphoria. That is they do not identify with the gender of their biological sex. (Knox p. 51) “Just a generation ago, it was adults, not children, who changed genders, usually late in life and often in shadows. But today as transgender adults gain wider acceptance, many children are transitioning...”(2:59-3:28) There are new medical options such as hormone blockers and cross hormone medications that can be used on younger ages than before. The long term risks are still unknown and there isn't much information of the benefits and risks of using these drugs on children. There is also little on mental/psychological benefits and risks of helping kids transition at a younger age. Is it really more helpful? The answer is we don't know, yet. As Dr. Finlayson said “this generation of kids are really the pioneers. They're going to be the ones to teach us.”(14:57-15:02) The struggle is real for these children and their families, this movie shows these struggles. Some families have an easier time adjusting than others. Most of the parents interviewed are concerned of the lack of information and …show more content…

Homosexuality refers to the predominance of cognitive, emotional and sexual attraction to individuals of the same sex. (Knox p. 135) John said that he came out as gay to his parents in the seventh grade (47:50-48:11), but is he really gay if he thinks of himself as a he. What about after taking cross hormones and after reassignment surgery if he goes that far will he still be a lesbian? What about the other way what if he were to like guys would he be gay even though biologically he's a she? How do the partners think of themselves heterosexual or homosexual. I know this wasn't addressed since most interviewed were young teens and children but it made me think after John came out as gay

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