Short And Long Term Effects Of Transition Essay

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When undergoing transitions there can be a range of effects that children experience and can be observed. Effects which can be seen can be either short or long term. Different measures may be put in place to ensure that each child undergoing a transition is fully support and able to successfully get through the period of change. It is perhaps a common misconception by adults that children are quick to adapt and will therefore not be affected by a transition but this not always the case. Most children handle transitions incredibly well but it is still a very good idea for practitioners to know how to spot any issues and deal with these appropriately. If short terms issues are not dealt with and these are allowed to build then longer term effects can become apparent. Long terms effects to transition may impact massively on a child’s life and could leave psychological scars for future years. Because of this it is important that a child …show more content…

There can be positive as well as negative effects. There can also be short term or long term effects depending on the individual child and how effectively they are supported. Short terms effects on children in times of transitioning can include:- • Regression – if a child struggles to cope with a transition they may revert to the earlier stages of development. • Physical well-being – in the short term a child’s physical well-being may be effected as their immune system is not as effective as fighting illness. This could result in an infection, disturbed sleep patterns etc which is a signal that a child is not handling a transition as well as hoped. • Emotional affects – children can become more withdrawn during times of transition which is a clear emotional indicator that they are not handing the change well. A child may also become tearful, aggressive or angry very easily. Wider examples of effects of transitions on children can be outlined as

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