1.2 Explain The Different Stages Of Development

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Task 2 (1.2) Explain the following terms  Sequence of development Sequence of development means there is a specific pattern to a child developing.  Rate of development The rate of development means how quickly a child meets the milestones of development. All children progress at a different speed. Why is the difference between the two important? It is important to know the difference between sequence and rate of development because then when it comes to monitoring the child, we will have an understanding if the child needs any additional support in any areas. There development should follow a specific pattern. For example, a baby should be able to move their head, arms and legs before being able to lift their head. Task 3 (2.1) Explain how …show more content…

If a child has asthma this can affect them because they might not be able to run around as much as their friends. This may affect their physical development is some areas as they can’t be as active and can’t take part in physical activities, and it might affect their social development because they can’t run around with their friends. Another personal factor is learning difficulties. If a child has learning difficulties then they will need extra support with some areas. They may get frustrated if they can’t do something simple. Like read a book or reading something little. Task 4 (2.2) Explain how children’s development can be influenced by a range of external factors. An external factor is family environment/background. Such as divorce this will affect the child’s behaviour at nursery because they will be confused on as why one parent has left. Same with if one parent has a new partner, it might make the child confused however if the child is a little bit older they may have a better understanding. Another external factor is personal choices. Children make their own choices e.g. whether to smoke or not, take drugs, have drink, eating and sleeping routines etc… Task 5 (2.3) Explain how theories of development influence current

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