Guilty To Jury Members: David Eldiridge

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Dear Jury Members: In my opinion, David Eldiridge should be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of murder. Although the defense claims that he is innocent of this crime, they are incorrect because Eldridge had motive to kill Mr. Armes, there was no sign of a break-in, but all the money was gone and he had the key, and lastly, a witness had placed him at the scene near the time of the murder and his footprints were all around the body. First, David Eldridge had the motive to kill Mr. Armes because he was very angry after Mr. Armes hadn’t given him a raise and he needed money because the bank was going to repossess his house, so he could have stolen the recipe and robbed him to get the money. David was the only one that could get into the restaurant and rob Mr. Armes since he has the keys and the combo to the safe. He had also never received a raise while working at the Family Fun restaurant. In addition, Sandy Smith testified that Eldridge was in desperate need of money so the bank didn’t repossess his house, and had asked for a raise but did not receive one, and Eldridge was extremely upset. Then Patrick Lewis had said …show more content…

A trusted employee of Mr. Armes, William Warden, had told police that he had seen Eldridge enter the Family Fun restaurant two hours before Mr. Armes was found dead. Around an hour later he stated that he heard Mr. Armes screaming. He then waited a bit after it stopped, then went to investigate and saw Mr. Armes dead, on the floor of his restaurant. Another thing that places David Eldridge at the scene were that his footprints were found all around Armes’s body. There is proof that David Eldridge was at the scene of the crime during the time of the murder. He had a witness place him there, and physical evidence that he was there as well. Enough confirmation that he was there when Mr. Armes was

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