Guinea Pigs Essay

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Christina Jerez et al. (n.d.) indicated that the Guinea pigs have been one of America's most loved little tamed pet for a considerable length of time. Next to no exploration has gone into guinea pigs, relating to their shading inclination. Guinea pigs are one of the not very many creatures that can recognize the contrast between at least two hues. Knowing a guinea pigs shading inclination can enable future pet proprietors and analysts to realize what hues they ought to incorporate into their guinea pig's living space.

Studies demonstrate that examination behind guinea pig inclination has significant outcomes and assume vital parts in finishing a comparative objective, influencing a guinea to pig feel great in its own condition. Guinea pigs were set in a substantial pen loaded with bedding, hued nourishment bowls and shaded water bottles. Guinea pigs with different ages and genders demonstrated comparable behavioral designs amid three months, inclining toward the shading yellow paying little
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Like dogs or cats, they also need a living space or room for them only. This research also proved that even guinea pigs needs bedding, hued nourishment bowls and shaded water bottles. Paw Cage have a food container that has limit for what the dog or cat will only eat and thus water. Pet owners can sort dogs or cats that have different age and genders through the cage. For example, younger pets stay in the cage and older pets stay outside the cage, so the younger pets will be comfortable.

According to Heil et al. (2008) they design and build a prototype of an automated pet feeder which will be suitable for use by cats and small dogs. This product will be called the Smart Pet Feeder. This system will hold enough food for 5 feedings. In addition to the features typically found on such feeders, the Smart Pet Feeder will allow the pet owner to prevent one pet from eating food which belongs to another
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