Gun Control Endangers

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Gun control endangers American’s constitutional right to bear arms. Politicians and civilians alike mistakenly think that revoking our constitutional right to keep and bear arms will ensure the end of gun violence in our country. Taking away our guns by criminalizing the purchase or ownership of guns will not keep weapons out of the hands of violent criminals. If we criminalize guns the violent gun-slinging criminals we worry about would continue to purchase them illegally through the black market. Marginalizing our right to bear arms endangers civilians due to the fact that those laws only affect law abiding citizens, rendering them defenseless. Regardless of what they may think, the government has no means of eliminating the illegal …show more content…

Rugby, in essence represents somewhat of a hybrid between American football and Soccer. Football and Rugby both require full-contact, although in rugby you play wearing no protection other than a simple mouth-guard, this fact often flabbergasts first time observers. To pass the ball you must pass it either backwards or to the side, forward passes earn the team a penalty in rugby, this forces you to either run or kick the ball if you want to reach the in-zone. Standard games of rugby last a total of eighty minutes while your average football game lasts only sixty minutes. During a game of football every time a player gets tackled the play stops, but in rugby when a player gets tackled the two opposing sides continue to fight for possession of the ball only stopping when one of the teams score, break a rule or someone gets injured. Members of a rugby team do near the exact same thing as football players only, with no pads, very few breaks and greater limitations. Overall rugby players need to challenge themselves far more if they want to win a match, in a game of rugby your average football player, professional or not, would find themselves quickly

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