Gun Control Should Not Be Banned

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Imagine you are a hunter, you own a gun, use it legally and responsibly, it is your prized possession. How would you feel if our government banned guns and took the right to keep and bear that gun away from you? In this country, there are people that live in the mountains like Alaskans for instance, that use their guns to get their food. These people live in remote areas, do not have groceries stores or neighbors nearby. As a matter of fact, their food supplies are wild game, such as deer and duck, that they hunt for food. In order for people like Alaskans to survive, they need guns to kill these animals. If guns are banned, how will the people that live in these remote areas get their food? It is unrealistic to believe that you can just go outside, hunt a bear, and kill it using hand-to-hand combat. Many people can come to the conclusion that the term “gun control” can be ambiguous, but the true meaning of it is laws that control how guns are sold and used and who can own them.

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