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The debate surrounding gun control and gun violence has been an ongoing controversy in many communities and America as a whole. As gun violence increase each year, views and opinions are rising, which not only have created tension in communities, but also has become a major debate in society. Although some critics argue that guns bring an overall negative impact to the country, others comment that guns are crucial to the beliefs and views of people today as well as important to their culture. In the context of today's society, many people in America are viewing gun control as an infringement of their rights and its threat towards their ability to protect, thus questioning: To what extent should gun use and possession should be controlled? …show more content…

As these restrictions and laws on gun possession are uplifted, the culture in Texas begins to change as well, resulting in more and more people carrying guns out in the open. In addition to the increase of guns, the people in Texas have grown accustomed to the everyday life occurrence of these guns in their community so much so that it have blended into the society’s culture. This change in culture is evident in Manny Fernandez and Dave Montgomery research as they present tons of reliable data and perspectives to support it. Their credibility also comes from the New York Times, a well known newspaper company that have multiple articles in this topic. Also, each of the authors has written many articles related to gun control and gun violence, thus gaining enormous expertise in this field. Their work and research provide reliable, valuable and yet unbiased insights on both the impact guns can impose on the society and, at the same time, show how gun control can positively influence the social aspect and culture of a society as …show more content…

In the article, “The Impact of Violence on Children,” Joy Osofsky elaborates that gun violence in communities are extremely detrimental in communities especially for children. Osofsky, a professor of public health in Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, uses masses of children psychology, scenarios and experiences to demonstrate the importance of gun control and to increase gun regulations. She focuses on children’s response to guns and violence, showing that the exposure of gun violence to children at their early ages not only increases their interest to use guns, but also the likelihood to use it to resolve conflicts or when a problem arises. As this continues, children can also experience stress, thus struggling to regulate their emotions and their experiences of the occurrence of many gun violence. These exposures will manifest in the child’s growth and he or she will end up being a more aggressive and violent individual later on. Additionally, guns can have a socially and culturally impact within communities too. Osofsky also explains that these fears of guns are a direct impact due to the exposures to gun violence that causes people to have a variety of psychological challenges and furthermore creates a snowball effect of violence and aggression. As violence increases in a community, the author explains that it will

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