Synthesis Essay On Gun Control

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Gun violence is a constant problem in the United States of America. It has affected society and out youth negatively in the past and will continue to affect the country as a whole if nothing is done about it. The country is in mourning due to the recent influx of gun violence related crimes. There are common-sense reforms that either side can agree on. These include improvements to backgrounds checks, revisions of the Second Amendment that accommodate the modern innovations to firearms and reinstating the Center for Disease Control's research on gun violence. Gun control reform can be widely improved with these changes. Background checks in America are very lackluster. Background checks do not always apply to every state, and some with loopholes …show more content…

The Center for Disease Control is not needed in this argument, as gun violence is a ethics issue, not a biology issue, the Second Amendment has been clarified over the years by the legal system many times in court cases, and, lastly, background checks do not affect gun violence enough to change the outcome. The Second Amendment has been updated by word of mouth over the years many times, many of these cases occurring in court. In the Presley v. State case, it was found the Second Amendment does cover the keeping of handguns (Sawchuck 16). The fact that it is clarified several times over the years shows its no longer out of date. Background checks do not account for illegal purchases of firearms. The fact that guns can be bought illegally nearly anywhere in the country would not be affected by the addition of new background checks. The Center for Disease Control has no business stating their opinion when it comes to gun control it will not make a difference. The Center for Disease Control releasing their findings would not affect the current spike in violence and is not necessarily needed for the debate (Rosen 61). However, the Center for Disease control is still a health organization and should have a say in violence relating to harming people, and the Second Amendment itself is the issue it is not clear nor is it updated throughout the proceedings of court cases, and the background checks are to remove guns from minors only at this

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