Hamlet Dishonesty Analysis

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In this chapter there will be dealt with the biggest dishonesties shown by each character and the way these behaviors have contributed in the life of the main character Hamlet,and what kind of role they have played in the tragic ending of the story. Firstly the cruelest figure in the play, Claudius will be analysed. The way how he has killed his brother and married his widow. How do his actions degrade up to the point he indirectly kills Hamlet? It willbe spoken of Gertrude`s role as a mother. Had she ever been honest to King Hamlet? Why did she marry Claudius in such a short time? Was she one of the reasons why Hamlet went mad? Furthermore I want to explicate the role of Ophelia. Was she really in love with Hamlet? Why did she never take courage and be next to him? Why did she lie to him? Last but not least, in this tragedy Laertes plays an important role. He is the last character to conclude all the actions with a big dishonesty. He has been used as a pawn to Claudius. Because he is hurt after his father and sister`s death. Profiting from his pain, Claudius convinces Laertes to avenge in such a dishonest way. In the end he agrees to Claudius`s plan to poison his sword…show more content…
Claudius possesses all the qualities of a villain: ambition, greed, jealousy, selfishness,dishonesty,tyranny. He does not hesitate before he kills his brother being driven by jealousy and power thirst. Claudius is an example of the monstrous-like people of the society becauseClaudius commits the biggest of dishonesty: towards his own blood. The problem with Claudius is that between honesty and betrayal he chooses betrayal, between love and selfishness he would go for selfishness. All that selfishness causes his life to lack love and that is what leads him to destruction. Had he been honest, perhaps his life would have had another stream. In this play Claudius represents the worst in human nature -- lust, greed, corruption, and excess. Claudius and his corrupt court lie in the pleasures of the
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