Hamlet Revenge Theme

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The evolution of Hamlet is quite surprising he begins as a young leader with the world in his hand, to a mad who becomes gript with revenging his father’s death. The revenge theme is acted upon throughout the story and is essentially what drives Hamlet. He believes that Claudius has killed his father (we later find out this is true), this begins his investigating. “Hamlet O, from this period forth, my opinions be wounded, or be nobody value!” Hamlet 's search to revenge his father 's death blinded his ethics and intelligence and main to his early death. It can be argued that Hamlet is the most complex character Shakespeare has ever written, there has been many debates revolving around his insanity (real or fake). The progression of Hamlet …show more content…

The King 's death can be seen as akin to Hamlet losing a part of himself, leading him to believe that the world has lost all intrinsic value as a result, lamenting 'how weary, stale, flat and unprofitable seem to me all the uses of this world. Moreover, influenced by Ancient Greek tragedy, Hamlet becomes increasingly isolated from his own family as they become more hostile towards him as the play progresses. The theme of revenge is present throughout the play and is the central driving force behind Hamlet. Hamlet believes that Claudius, his uncle killed his father, which is true as the play later reveals. This triggers him to start investigations into the matter. Hamlet displays strong characteristics of instantly that can be easily fool the audience, but his moves and strategies exhibit a high level of …show more content…

The entire play consists of him moping about, whining, hesitating, pondering life and death, making excuses--all when he could have enacted revenge from the very first suspicion of Claudius. So, the play is more a commentary on inaction, on procrastination, on how "the mind is its own beautiful prisoner", trapping people in analysis and logic instead of determination and action. Hamlet overthinks, overanalyzes, overponders, oversteps bouds of decency in order to more fully ponder the situation, and all of this is what really leads to the tragedy, not his pursuit of revenge. It is useful to also consider those elements as you decide how to think about and label

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