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Growing up in the 20th and 21st century, there never was a shortage of music to listen to and never a shortage of people telling me what kind to like. From rap, to rock, to folk music, music is all around. One genre that stuck with me and easily became my favorite: Country Music. My love began in the summer of 2000, while my dad was playing his hank Williams Jr. CDs, I screamed “Dad! Dad! This song is really good!!!!! I like it a lot!” He replied “This is Hank Williams Jr. son.”, and my love only grew from there. I started to explore older country music and the history around it. I fell in love with two artist in particular. I saw the light and fell in love with Hank Williams Sr. and Johnny Cash. These men are considered the fathers of contemporary country. The way their music is written is so masterful and creative, they launched a new wave of country music. Hank Williams Sr. was born in the great state of Alabama and is buried in Montgomery. Williams Is an example of an artist who was taken from the world to early. In 1952 Hank Williams Sr. died tragically due to an “insufficiency of …show more content…

Johnny Cash, who in my opinion, is one of if not the greatest song writers ever! The way he was so creative with his lyrics. The way he structured his lyrics. The way his songs would pull you in and make you love them. Cash knew how to mesmerize you with his music. Some of the greatest lyrical pieces were written by Cash: A Boy named Sue, Walk the Line, Ring of Fire, and Folsom Prison Blues. Although Cash was an amazing songwriter, Singer, and Guitar player, he struggled with drugs. His battle almost ruined his and June Carter’s relationship, but he overcame this demon. He died in 2003, four months after June Carter with speculation of his death being of a broken heart from losing Carter. Cash will always be known as one of the greatest artist ever in any

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