Three Reasons Why I M A Country Music Lover

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I’m a country music lover for three reasons. The first reason, is because I can listen to a song and can tell you what the song is called. I can do that because i’ve listened to country music so much that now I can just basically name the song and the artist. The second reason, would be because most of the music on my phone is all country. On my phone scene I have so many song that I actually have a whole playlist with country music on it. My finally reason, is because when i’m in the truck with my dad the only music he’ll listen to is country music. An when I was a little girl and we went on car rides we would alway listen to country music on our trips. Even when I would go to the race track to watch my dad race they’d play country music all the time. The three reasons above are my main three reasons for being a country music lover.…show more content…
The first main reason i’m a truck lover, is because I could be driving down the road and could go by a truck and I can tell you the model and what kind of truck it is. For example, I was on my way to the store with my dad and I saw a truck and I named the exact model of the truck and my dad drove past it and it was the exact model that i said it was. The second reason, is mostly because i’m around them so often. The third reason, is because when my dad goes to get a new truck i’m almost always with him. For example, a couple week ago I went with him to the Ballas dealership and while he was ordering his new truck I would also look around at all the different trucks they had. My finally reason, for being a truck lover is because i’ve always been around them ever since I was a little girl. Those reasons above are my main reasons for being a truck
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