Country Music: The Evolution Of American Popular Music

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Identity, geography, business, and tradition have contributed to American popular music by, making things diverse. Identity makes it different by having different types of people like the music, geography gives off different sounds due to being in different places of the world, business makes things better, look at Phil Spectre making the sound wall, and tradition has kept the old ways around, and not let them die out.

American popular music has reinforced stereotypes by the things that are said in their music. Like with country, since it is mostly whites or caucasians, it reinforces the stereotype that all whites like country or are country. And with hip-hop since it is mostly blacks or african-americans, it reinforces the stereotype that
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Dance leads everything. Who doesn’t want something they can dance to? For the dances now we need a lot of bass and a lot of snare and rhythm. Music all depends on dance. Dance leads.

The reason that country music is the most popular is because it’s known. The word popular doesn’t mean liked. It means notorious. Known. Just because country music is known doesn’t mean everyone who knows about it like it. That’s why it’s the most popular.

The electric guitar provided new opportunities for American pop by beach music. The electric guitar helped make that tune we all known in the surfer movies. The electric guitar also is a lot louder than a normal guitar so it can be heard a lot better.

The relationship between politics and music in the 1960’s are very related. Due to all of the war and the assassination of JFK, music had to be happy to make people happy. And that was the start of hippie music. All of them tried to do the drop-out thing ( which did not last ) and they all made LSD music. All very linked to the
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Because there are many different forms of hip-hop the most controversial is “gangsta rap.” In music it uses a lot of bass, snare, pianos and more. The lyrics often due with how a “gangsta” lives and the daily struggles he goes through. It also has a lot to do with many different gangs, usually being a crip, blood, or a gangsta disciple. In their lifestyle it often has to do with robberies, murders, fighting, guns, drugs, and drug dealing. But not all forms of hip-hop consist of this at all, it can vary from murdering, to have a good time, to motivating others to get out of the

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