Harlem Renaissance Thesis

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The Truth About the Harlem Renaissance Introduction to the Harlem Renaissance Rap music piques everyone's interest because they find it to be trendy or cool or because their loved ones enjoy it and suggest it. They were unaware that the Harlem Renaissance served as hip-hop's genuine foundation. The Harlem Renaissance was actually the culmination of African Americans' artistic expression in dance, music, visual arts, and literature. The growth of American culture as a whole and the effect on many other cultures may both be attributed to the Harlem district, claims History.com. The world's largest civil rights movement may have sprung from the Harlem Renaissance. Despite sharing a similar upbringing, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X had quite different perspectives and were both greatly influenced by the Harlem Renaissance. We finally realize that without those things, America would not be what it is today. The Harlem Renaissance was created in the 20th century because most African Americans came north to many big cities on the east coast but the state impacted the most was New York City. The Harlem Renaissance was made in the district of Harlem in New York City. Harlem was known for its cultural diversity in the time …show more content…

First off we can start off with the famous poet Langston Hughes who was not only a poet but he was a social activist, fiction writer, and playwright. We have Ma Rainey who was influential in the Harlem Renaissance period as she was an important figure in the poetry blues. She was one of the early professional poets of the blues. She not only dealt with problems of race discrimination but also gender discrimination. Langston Hughes promoted equality and condemned racism through his poems and specific writing which ultimately helped in the celebration of Black

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