Harry Potter Hero Essay

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A numerous amount of parents see the Harry Potter books as adventurous tales and only tales allowing their children to have a taste of Rowling’s books. Many know that with every hero must come a villain. What is the hero to do when he has nothing to save? This in turn makes this series a childish cliché book that is just for entertainment and an alternate distraction. Numerous amounts of books have a hero and a villain and contains an adventurous journey with it. J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter is just the same fantasy journey for many readers. With its outgoing wizard magic, parents believe that this is only a fake story that is based on real life. Because parents believe that this story is artificial, the good parts of the story can be used as a beneficial lesson for children. Harry Potter himself is a good role model for all children because he has overcome all the hardships that has come his way. Harry Potter can also be a person to sympathize with as he lost his parents to Voldemort at such a young age. He faced his fears, believed in his friendship, and the pure in the world. Reading the Rowling’s books lured children away from technology making them focus on the story itself with all its humor, adventure and friendship. But Harry Potter is not the only person who has made an impact in this series. Hermione and Ron are the two best friends of Harry Potter. With these three they have performed very heroic actions that no one can question. Each of them using their own different abilities to help one another. This in turn helps children have a positive mindset that if they put…show more content…
Rowling’s Harry Potter series is one of the bestsellers all around the world. With her first book already out, there was hate, love and more. From Satanic claims to just a fiction book, Rowling has taken it all and created more. The Harry Potter books is a series mixed with a variety of spells, goodness, and wickedness, so it would be understandable for the readers to be split in
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