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Kim Min-suk, who was the assistant director and screenwriter of the widely known movie “The Good, The Bad, The Weird”, makes his directional debut with “Haunters”. Moreover, Kim Min-suk pens the script of “Haunters” and co-writes the script of the Japanese remake, going by the title “Monsterz”. “Haunters” aka “Psychic” made an appearance at several international festivals like the 2011 (47th) Chicago International Film Festival, 2011 (27th) Warsaw Film Festival and the 2011 (20th) Philadelphia Film Festival.
The film starts with the year 1991. A mother with her leg-impaired child Cho-In (Gang Dong-won) they try in a rainy day to go to their home. After they arrive to their house, the mother pleads the boy to always have his eyes covered, even when he eats. It’s not long until the child’s abusive father finds them and starts to beats up the mother. The young boy can’t take it any longer, disobeys his mother’s orders and takes off the cover from his eyes. He steadily approaches
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Firstly, regarding the script, there are some obvious plot holes, like why Lim Kyu-nam was not interrogated about the incident in the pawn shop and why the police did not contact immediately an investigation in the pawn shop and obtain the CCTV footage on first place? Another downside are the few farfetched scenes, like the one with the cutter towards the end of the movie. Nerveless, this is a minor drawback, since some over-the-top scenes are generally expected in movies that deal with humans with super powers. Unfortunately, there is another more vital flaw. Director and writer Kim Min-suk, even if he put some effort either intentionally or unintentionally, to make Cho-In’s character sympathetic, he misses the chance to ultimately achieve this, when he made Cho-In capable of harming an innocent baby. Despite the aforementioned drawbacks, these do not deducts the movie’s pure entertaining

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