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Vicky has recently moved from Keelung to Taipei, where she works doing PR in a nightclub. She has an overly jealous boyfriend, Hao Hao, who tracks her every movement, including her bank accounts, her telephone bills, even her smell. Her days pass by working, taking drugs and constantly fighting with him, at least when they do not have sex. However, she is tired of her situation and finds solace in Jack, a kind-hearted gangster, who also owns a bar. Gradually, she gets more and more comfortable with him while he is in serious trouble, due to his tendency to offer help to whoever needs it. The film stands apart from Hsien's previous filmography, equally in themes and technique. For the first time he examined the lives of young individuals in the contemporary …show more content…

21. The Chaser (Na Hong Jin, 2008, South Korea) Inspired by the crimes of an actual serial killer, "The Chaser" tells the story of Eom Joong Ho, an ex-cop who is currently a pimp. A number of his "girls" seem to have disappeared recently, while they still owe him money, bringing him into a difficult financial situation. Subsequently, due to lack of "girls" he is forced to send the sick Mi Jin to a customer, despite her objections. However, he eventually realizes that the other women who disappeared, had a date with the same customer, Je Yeong Min. Believing that he "resells" them, orders Min Jin to inform him of the place he will take her. Nevertheless, when she arrives there, she discovers something far more dangerous than what Eom Joong Ho perceived. Na Hong Jin, in his debut, directs in a fashion that presents the spectator with just enough clues to keep him in constant strain during the film, not leaving him loose even for a moment. He accomplishes that by making obvious, almost from the beginning, what the protagonists should do to solve the case, providing however, convincing reasons for their

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