Classroom Observation And Head Start School

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During the past two years, I was given the opportunity to spend some time observing in the classrooms at the First Presbyterian Church of Bakerstown Preschool, a Christian-based school, in the Gibsonia, PA area, the Westminster College Preschool Lab, and the Head Start program at New Castle, PA. Observing in the different classrooms displayed different ways to setup and design one classroom from another. The church preschool was different from the Head Start program, mostly due by the budget and location of each facility. Many of the church preschool classroom materials were provided by donations to the preschool. The classrooms at all three locations, had some physical similarities with each other including: many windows, child-sized tables, chairs, cubbies, and play kitchens that were child friendly, with different areas for children to play in during free time. In my opinion, all the classrooms were brightly painted and cheery, providing a positive, happy feeling for …show more content…

At Frist Presbyterian Church of Bakerstown I learned while observing and interacting how some of the different set up of areas impacted a student’s learning and space. Some of the areas were used for quiet time, noisier activities, and more active learning. This related to the (Component 2e) because organizing physical space around the classroom provides the student a variety of ways to learn together or alone inside the classroom while also developing their social skills and working through any academic or social difficulties (Component 2d). Lastly, at Head Start the lead teacher provided the students with daily duties inside the classroom. For example, some of the students had the responsibility to clean up stations, and prepare the snack/lunch for the class. When giving students daily jobs, provides the students to methods to follow classroom while respecting their classmates and their classroom (Component

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