Health And Social Care Personal Statement Examples

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Health and social care is something that I have always been passionate about. Because I have studied health and social care for the last four years I have regularly met a lot of the most vulnerable members of society through past work experiences. Through past placements I have worked with children who have special needs. This helped me develop ways of communicating with the children this could be through sign language. Because my Aunt is deaf I have taught myself basic sign language in order to communicate with her effectively. This helped me a lot while I was involved in working with the children in the special needs school. Working within this environment has helped me gain a lot of confidence in myself this is because, it has proved to me that I can …show more content…

While completing this award it helped me learn the importance of teamwork and what will happen if the team does not pull together. One team member lost motivation and therefore would not help with the map reading and we all got lost. Once the team motivated that individual everything started to run smoothly. When working in a health and social care environment I think it is extremely important to work together as a team. These experiences have helped me improve my communication skills and have showed me the importance of working within a team. I have become more aware of my values and beliefs while taking into consideration other individuals values, beliefs, goals and their needs. I hope that this course will push me forward for the career I want to pursue in the future. I would like to work in the field of social work and hope to specify in working with children with learning disabilities. I understand some of the situations I may be faced with may be very challenging however this will give me more motivation to help individuals overcome challenging situations. I feel that university will further my passion for working with vulnerable

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