Healthy Relationships In The Glass Castle By Jeannette Wall

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In constrast, a healthy relationship contains a special bond between the two people. In Martin Fan’s life, his relationship with his mother is healthy. Whenever they have a problem with each other, they would sit down and talk it out. In a healthy relationship, there must be trust and confidence built around it. Martin’s connection with his mother has always been an established, growing relationship. There are no walls between them, they are able to talk it out and work through it together. Although not all relationships are perfect, the step to succeed is through passing the point of embarrassment and start to trust one another. Through that trust, there is nothing that is too shameful to be present around each other. This relationship has taught Martin to focus more on others and treat them with utmost respect. This influences Martin to create a healthy relationship with other people, and keeping each other accountable. (a sense of self desires) …show more content…

Both people in the relationship must make an effort to keep the relationship together. Most relationship end because of unsolved conflicts. In Jeannette Wall’s The Glass Castle, there is unsettled conflict that may result in a serious incident, as revealed in the novel “Maureen stabbed Mom.” (275). Maureen is highly dependant on others, but as soon as she started to live with her parents. She found out that she couldn’t depend on them anymore. Out of frustration, she stabbed her own mom. Maureen’s self desires were not accomplished. She found no need for her mother, as well as the fact that Maureen was tired of hearing her mom nag her everyday. Their relationship ended up to change Maureen’s thought of living alone, to relying on

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