Hedge Trimer Analysis

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If you are a home-owner with a small back yard, then you are probably considering purchasing an electrical hedge trimmer. They are generally more efficient, economical, and quieter. Their small size and weight makes them easier to manoeuvre especially in a small tight yards. Some of the key features to look out for while selecting a trimmer include; the power source, cable length, comfort, weight, tooth spacing and blade length. Below are some electric hedge trimmer reviews that one might take into consideration before deciding which trimmer to purchase. 1. The 3.3 Amp Black & Decker HH2455 This electric trimmer has two key features that set it apart from most other models; an on lock trigger that allows you latch the power switch, and a…show more content…
The Gtech HT0422 in 1 Garden Multi Tool. This cordless electric hedge trimmer is not only easy and light to use, it does a very clean and neat cut, ensuring that the finishing on the hedge is ship-shape. It has an adjustable head, allowing you to switch between a pruning saw and a hedge trimmer quite easily. The Toro 51490 The 22 inch Toro is not only light to use, weighing about 6.1 pounds, but it is also the best tool if you are looking to get a large trimming job done faster. This electric hedge trimmer is powerful, about 4 Amps, giving great cutting power and can handle branches up to ¾ inches thick. This trimmer is friendly to use as it has a loop handle running perpendicular and equally to its trimmer’s axis, making it ideal for both right handed, and left handed individuals. 4. Black and Decker TR117 This small electric trimmer with its 17 inch blade is a particular favourite for women. It weighs about 4.3 pounds making it easier to use, and its small blade allows for better manoeuvrability especially in tight spots. It is the best tool for trimming small hedges with rounded ends, twigs, grasses and tree leaves and has a cutting capacity of about 9/16 Inches. 5. Bosch AHS

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