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Henry J. Heinz A role model and an innovator

Henry was an innovator and a role model in many ways. He was known for coming from nothing, his honesty, and his kindness towards his employees. As a child, he was taught to place himself in otHer people 's shoes as well as how to be industrious. His moTher grew spare produce, that he would sell in a cart. As he started to save up his money the basket he used to take the spare produce graduated to a wheelbarrow, a couple of years after that the wheelbarrow graduated to a horse and wagon. This example from his life as a child brings insight as to why Henry J. Heinz was the man he turned out to be, determined and an excellent businessman.

Henry J. Heinz was also known to be fair, and have high
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Heinz valued the labor of the common man. As a child, he took on a job at a neighbor 's potato farm. At that farm the neighbor held a contest to improve the productivity and moral of the workers he hired. the three best potato-pickers would win a prize. Even though he was the youngest of the 20 participants Heinze took third place and won six and one quarter pennies for his efforts. He was able to take third because of the dignity he saw in labor. He even decided it was time to learn about his father 's job at a brick yard, all the while continuing his job of selling the surplus of his family garden. When asked where he got the time to do such laborious activities, he liked to repeat John Wanamaker “oh we country boys work.”(Mccafferty 40). While Henry J. Heinz was mostly a physical and energetic child, he did also like to learn. when he was in his teens, he took a job as his father 's book keeper. In this job he utilized skills learned in duff 's mercantile college. One of Heinze 's best qualities was his understanding and appreciativeness of his…show more content…
When Henry was a teenager he began to make horseradish at home with the help of his mother, an occurrence that did not happen often as many people who sold horseradish at this time just sold the root and made the buyer do the hard tear bringing labor of making it a sauce. Others who had made horseradish in bottles made them so murky that the consumer could not see the suspect product clearly. It was from this that the Heinz tradition of using clear bottles to showcase the horseradishes purity. The idea to put the product in a clear container was an ingenious idea, and one that would affect food packaging for many years to come. By Henry J. Heinz doing this he is openly, arrogantly confident with his own product. In the end his confidence paid off as his product was indeed of superior quality. When Heinz turned twenty two he began the business Heinz and Noble, the groundwork for the modern Heinz company. The first product sold, his mother 's pure horseradish sold in clear
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