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Exploring Henry Hudson Henry Hudson was an English born baby, he had been believed to have been born approximately in the year of c. 1565, on the 12th of September. He was the child of Henry Hudson II, and Katherine Hudson. He was born in Tamworth, Staffordshire England, The United Kingdom. Unfortunately there is only little known about his early life as a child. Yet in his later years during his 20’s he became a skilled sailor, and he had a talent for navigation. According to early reports and records, they indicate that he was married to a woman named, “Katherine”, the couple had three children together, all children, were boys. Henry Hudson was a European explorer whose mission was to discover a faster route from Europe to Eastern Asia. …show more content…

He had set on his fourth voyage with his son John, Robert, and his crew, they were aboard the ship “Discovery” they had set out to sea navigating into an inlet into northern Canada In July 1610 they sailed into Hudson Bay. He and his crew spent many months documenting, and mapping the coast line, they were unfortunate in finding a way west. After several months, winter had came and The Hudson Bay had filled with ice leaving them with no escape. The crew had no choice but to drop anchor, and stay until the bay cleared of ice. November had finally came and the ship was once more became mobile. Hudson once more refused to return back to the port of England with no knowledge of a “Northeastern Route” or passage, so he decided not to return. Crew members Henry Green and Robert Juet had orchestrated a mutiny against Hudson. Hudson, his son John, and seven others were casted adrift on what is now known as The Hudson Bay, Hudson his son John, and the seven other loyal members were never heard from again. The mutineers were put on trial, they were

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