Sir Francis Drake And Magellan's Voyage Round The World 1522

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In the year 1519, Spain set sail to be the first ones to circumnavigate the globe. Under the leadership of Ferdinand de Magellan, they were able to accomplish this monumental task by the year 1522, even though Magellan died before they journey was complete. In the article titled “Ferdinand Magellan 's Voyage Round the World, 1519-1522”, we are able to recall the accounts transcribed from the paper-book of a Genoese pilot who wrote detailed accounts about the events that transpired throughout the journey. Around 55 years after Spain’s voyage, the English set out to circumnavigate the globe under the leadership of Sir Francis Drake in the year of 1577. An article titled “Sir Francis Drake 's Famous Voyage Round The World, 1580” was written by Francis Pretty, who was one of Drake 's Gentlemen at arms. This article is a description of Sir Francis Drake’s voyage, detailing the specific events that transpired throughout the voyage. Throughout this paper I will be comparing and contrasting these two voyages.
Sir Francis Drake and Ferdinand de Magellan both had a fleet of five ships that accompanied them on their voyage. In both voyages only one of the ships survived with most of the crew being either lost of dead. Both Drake and Magellan had some trouble with their crew. Thomas Doughty was accused of plotting against Sir Francis Drake and was forced into custody and held for a formal trial. Doughty was guilty of treason and was offered three options by Sir Francis Drake, "Whether

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