Henry Kissinger Research Paper

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5 January 2016
Henry Kissinger On May 27, 1923, Henry Kissinger was born in Fürth Germany to a Jewish family. When he was fifteen years old, his family moved to London because of Hitler’s intentions with the Nazi (“Henry A. Kissinger”). Kissinger is now looked upon as America 's most significant foreign policy advisor. Kissinger accomplished many goals regarding peace with other nations like China, Vietnam, and the Middle East. Kissinger was also President Richard Nixon 's side man and President Gerald Ford 's secretary of state. He was the first person to serve as both Secretary of State and National Security Advisor under President Nixon at the same time (“Henry A. Kissinger, People”).
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The shuttle diplomacy played a huge role in Henry Kissinger 's turn as Secretary of State. It involved Kissinger travelling to numerous middle east capitals to make disengagement agreements between enemies. He wanted to gain peace with the other nations. One of the successful agreements was the Sinai Interim agreement between Egypt and Israel, signed on September 4, 1975 (“Henry A. Kissinger, People”). It prohibited the two middle east countries of using military force between each other and also strengthened a relationship with the United States (“Henry Kissinger, Common Dreams”). It also brought down tensions from the previous Arab-Israeli War. Although it helped reduce tensions between middle east countries, the agreement locked Israel 's Veto over U.S. foreign policy for decades (“Henry Kissinger, Common Dreams”). But in 1975 he withdrew his support with the ethnic group, Kurds, which resulted in Iraq launching an attack on them that killed thousands of them. The ethnic group, Kurds, supported Kissinger in destabilization with the Baghdad’s Baathists from Iraq. This forced the ethnic group of kurds to relocate their homes because of Arab takeover. The Arab moved into the Kurds homes and dominated this region of the middle east. Kissinger was able to make a step in peace between Egypt and Israel, but he made a major mistake of terminating support with the kurds that resulted in an Iraqi…show more content…
This website is very reliable because it is written by U.S. professional historians of foreign policy and the Department of state. They receive the information from a plethora of government records that are classified and unclassified. The office director of the U.S. department of state is Historian Dr. Stephen Randolph. He earned a master 's degree in the History of Science at the John Hopkins University. This website contains information of Henry Kissinger’s life as the Secretary of the State and how he participated in peace with the Middle east. There is a total of 68 available biographies of Secretaries of State that provided on this website. This website provides factual evidence from official documentary history of the U.S. foreign policy in the foreign
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