How Did Dwight Eisenhower's First Inaugural Address

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President Dwight Eisenhower was a decorated war veteran in world war 2 before he became

president of the United States. In January of 1953 president Eisenhower gave his first inaugural

address to the citizens of the United States. Two foreign and two domestic policies will be analyzed

in this paper. The policies were talked about in the inaugural address. This will show president

Eisenhower's policy plans for his first four years in office. The policies would not only help America

but also make sure that the world is stable and safe from danger. Foreign policies included America

stepping in to maintain world peace, also helping other countries become stronger whereas on the

domestic front Eisenhower maintain old American values …show more content…

There was one more main idea president Eisenhower wanted to get

across to other countries and that was that together the world is stronger. Globalization was very

important to the president he wanted to have stable trade route and help enhance the well being of the

rest of the world. Of course the president wished to also have relationship with other countries that

was not just one sided he wanted other countries to help if when they could. During his inaugural

speech the president said, “Assessing realistically the needs and capacities of proven friends of

freedom, we shall strive to help them to achieve their own security and well-being. Likewise, we shall

count upon them to assume, within the limits of their resources, their full and just burdens in the

common defense of freedom.” (par. 37) The president was referring to groups such as NATO that

would stay together so that evil powers could not invade or tear down other countries. President

Eisenhower thought that together the world is much stronger that if each country works by themselves.

During the 1950's the United States put an importance on things like marriage and having

children. However one of the most popular activities was going to church. America had become

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