Hero's Journey In Siddhartha

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In the novel Siddhartha, written by Herman Hesse, the hero’s journey is fit perfectly into words, as readers experience the riches of Siddhartha, a wealthy Brahmin’s son, who faces the ultimate question whether there is more for him in the world than within the boundaries of his comfortable life.
“In the shade of the house, in the sunshine on the river bank by the boats, in the shade of the sallow wood and the fig tree, Siddhartha, the handsome Brahmin’s son, grew up with his friend Govinda”(1). This is a brilliant representation of Siddhartha’s normal life, as well as the start to this quickly unraveling story. Already briefly mentioned is supporting character Govinda, who will later play an important role in Siddhartha’s journey.

Govinda is a friend. He is willing to leave everything he knows to stay with Siddhartha. Stronger, however, than his ability to love his friend, is his urge to find some version of the truth he can believe in, and become devoted to. This identifies an archetype one might overlook in Govinda, the Sage. Govinda is a friend, and was created as a supporting character, but there is a parallel longing in Govinda as in Siddhartha, in terms of searching for the truth. “Govinda, the shy one, also stepped forward and said: ‘I also wish to pay my allegiance …show more content…

Siddhartha followed the journey like clockwork, and told an unforgettable story while doing so. Throughout the steps of the hero’s journey, readers were introduced to complex characters who played significant roles in the text. Hesse created such clear archetypes which limited confusion, and directed attention to the parts of the story that were necessary for the hero’s journey to continue. The river and the magical realism it carried was also crucial to the hero’s journey being that river was really the key to completing Siddhartha's journey, and truly satisfying his thirst for knowledge, and search for

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