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Hi Miranda,

I am sorry to hear about the property damage performed within your parent 's neighborhood. These actions affect the property values of homes when the house is sold for a much lower value that the market value.

At that time during the recession, the market value of any home was dropped due to the fact banks were lending out loans to people without getting a solid read on if people could truly afford to buy the house. For those who lean out money makes commission, so it is not int their interest to ensure the person purchase a house can afford it. While this is not the whole reason why we had so many people trashing places, it didn 't help. For this is why I disagree with the comment that it is nobody 's fault but the person who bought the house. There is some blame sharing that needs to go around on that issue. That 's okay; we will be talking about this again soon with the automotive loans. I lost count of the number of new car tags I …show more content…

I do like your advice. I think people psychically vary with how they handle situations. I don 't get the idea of trashing walls or ripping up carpet. I am assuming it is the stick to the man attitude where the banks won 't get money out of an asset that the homeowner once lived. This is their home that is being taken away from them. They are not in their sane mindset when they are being forced out of their home, even if they couldn 't afford it, to begin with.

I will strongly agree that if there are strict laws with hard enforcement on trashing a property, regardless if the owner owns it, but the property is within a city limit, that the punishment would discourage destruction would aid everyone in the short term recovery of an economic downturn.

However, I would say the same advice should be applied to banks and their services for loaning money. Everyone is at fault when they put personal gains in front of the interest of an economy, from loaning money to buying an home that is not in an annual

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