Summary Of Miranda V. Arizona

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A) Case Name and Citation
Miranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436, 86 S.Ct. 1602 (1966)
B) Summary of the Facts Ernesto A. Miranda a resident of Phoenix, Arizona was accused of kidnapping and raping a woman. The police arrested Miranda and held him at the police station for interrogation. After two hours of interrogation, Miranda confessed to having committed the crimes. His confession was used against him in trial and Miranda was found guilty.
C) Statement of the Issue(s)
Is evidence admissible in a court of law if obtained unlawfully by authorities- without warning of self-incrimination and without assistance of an attorney? Are authorities required to inform a person placed under custody of their right to the Fifth Amendment?
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These rights must be read to all suspects. When authorities fail to inform the suspects of their rights, any evidence that is obtained under integration is inadmissible because it violates the suspect’s constitutional rights. In the case of Escobedo v. Illinois, Escobedo was placed under interrogation in order to obtain a confession. The authorities failed to read Escobedo his rights, and continued interrogating for hours while denying his rights to see an attorney. During trial, the State used Escobedo’s confession but was held inadmissible because it was obtained unlawfully putting the defendant at risk of self-incrimination. The court ruled that prior to any interrogation, the person must have their rights read to them and if failed to do so anything said by the suspect during interrogation cannot be used during …show more content…

It limits the amount of power that authorities have on a person placed under custody. The right remain silent is given to avoid self-incrimination and to inform the person of the possible consequences if he or she decides to speak. The right to an attorney is given so that a suspect can have legal advice at any given point during custody and to ensure that the suspect’s right to remain silent or to speak under interrogation is being acknowledge by the authorities. The presence of an attorney can also reduce the probability of physical brutality from police to obtain a

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