High-Jinks Shoot-Out Analysis

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The article “High-Jinks: Shoot-Out” by Guy Martin, researches the story of several New York High Schools, participating in an end of year activity that is involved with mediocre violence, made for kids to have some fun with their town, and their classmates. These role playing games are very beneficial for students to participate in, because they teach kids that team work, and extraordinary skills are needed to “survive”. Role playing games with simulated violence are diverting for kids, because they teach and allow kids to be boisterous. The game allows the students to plan, organize, and concoct a plan, for a game that involves nearly the whole city and school. As seniors in highschool prepare for graduation and adulthood, this game gives them the freedom to be kids again. What better way to spring back to your childhood then shooting your friends with water guns?! Although this game may be a little more …show more content…

“The idea was to use a cell phone to call Cohen’s landline, posing as Cohen’s teammate Dominic, using Dominic’s caller I.D. The call had been engineered from a remote computer by a squad member with prodigious hacking skills.” This part of the article clearly shows that the skills and hard work of each team member, is vigorously needed in order to make the team work well. It is important to acknowledge that there is a certain point where the game goes too far, such as kids possibly harming someone, or end up getting involved in an event that breaks the law. Although the games can be misleading to kids to what’s right and what isn’t, or teach kids that violence is ok, these simulated games are a good way for kids to make close bonds with teammates, and even the community. It also teaches that perseverance is key to make a team

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