High Plains Museum: Kansas Analysis

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Kansas has many stories to tell to those who want to learn about them. Of the many places to learn about the stories that took place in Kansas, the High Plains Museum, in Goodland, Kansas, offers exhibits on the prairie life and the life of a Kansas homesteader. In all the exhibits to see, however, the Pioneer exhibit, the Dust Bowl Years exhibit, and the Purvis and Wilson helicopter exhibit make this museum particularly interesting. In the Pioneer exhibit, the patron can walk down a small wooden plank sidewalk with a few business displays on both sides where the patron can look into each window and see examples of businesses, like an optometrist’s office and a doll shop, that include something a person would see during the 1800s era. These …show more content…

In a display along the wall to the left of a house-like display, behind the small, white picket fence, of items the patron would typically see in a 1930s era home that include an antique sewing machine table and an old phonograph player. On the wall above this display has some old black and white photos taken during that era that capture the hardships the people faced such as the farming difficulties and the breathing difficulties, the black cloud of dust rolling into town, and the great sadness in the aftermath when the dust finally settled, showing everything buried in a blanket of dirt. The house-like display consists of a typical 1930s living room that include such items as family heirlooms and family photos. The museum patron can walk up onto the porch and go in the front door as if walking into the house itself. Upon stepping inside, the patron will see things like old photos, a rocking chair, a couch, and a desk. He will also see an antique 1930’s style radio on the table by a chair and hear it playing the 1930s era radio programs, songs, and news reports. The Purvis and Wilson helicopter exhibit offers the full-sized replica of the first patented helicopter in the world and includes an automated feature. While looking at the helicopter from above on the main floor, the patron will read the brief history display of the helicopter. When the patron pushes and holds the button with the display description, the two wings on top of the helicopter will slowly spin. The patron can also walk down the short flight of stairs to the pit-like area to have a more up close and personal view of the helicopter that stands within its own historical awe and mechanical

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