Evidence Based Practice Research

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What is Evidence-based practice? Evidence-based practice is an all-around systematic approach to patient care that was built up on research and proven treatment results within nursing in order to increase the patient outcomes. Evidence based practice is define as “the integration of current evidences and practices to make decisions about patient care”. (Medical Surgical Nursing, 2018). Evidence-based practice not only includes the best proven research for practicing patient-centered care, but also merges the patient’s preferences and values into consideration. EBP developed by incorporating scientific research with clinical experience and patient preferences in order to reach they highest form of care possible with modern mediction. Today,…show more content…
Yet, through the many years of consistent research and hit and missed occurrences, the nurses adopted Evidenced-based practice into their scope of practice. Through this method patients and healthcare workers are ensured that the best practices are followed pertaining to selected health problems. EBP is part of the nursing profession because it promotes safe and quality care for patients and their families based on reliable, proven studies. What are the roots/evolution of EBP in nursing? Before EBP was imbedded into healthcare, nurses relied in the advice of senior nurses and what they learned through education and trial and error. Floranc enightengal ……. However, it wasn’t until the mid-1800s that evidence-based medicine had its beginnings, but did not come into play until the year of 1972. Through many years different modifications, various groups of nurses have drafted their own versions of evidence-based practice guidelines into play. How is EBP applied to nursing…show more content…
EBP has merge with quality improvement in a model listed as FOCUS-PDCA. This model is used when a issue has become listed as needing improvement. This allows for members of the healthcare unit to identify the problem as well as create a solution to solve the problem. This model consists of problems and that allow users to integrate information and resources that could be used to accommodate that particular problem leading to an all-around quality
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