Hitchcock Vs Roald Dahl

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During the 1950’s, men and women were treated differently: women were “unable” to be independent, women were “unable” to apply for a man’s job, women were “unable” to have equal rights. The film by Alfred Hitchcock, a unique and beautifully created piece where Patrick Maloney isolates his true self from his wife, hesitant to tell his old love about his new love shows us what we may not think when reading the short story. The short story by Roald Dahl is more detailed and elaborated with many aspects of the impeccable presentation of a few writing elements, both are, but Roald Dahl shows better. Both pieces captivated my attention with the use of characterization, the tone of each speaker, and the irony within the plot.

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The short story allows readers to imagine the emotion and mood if not already set. For example, in the introduction of the story, Patrick Maloney warmly greets his wife; he almost hides the fact of another women. Mrs. Maloney is greeted with a charming “hullo, darling,” rather than silence like did in the film. Patrick seems he still loves his wife, even though there is that other loved woman. Also used in the short story is the tone between characters. Mrs. Maloney, now Ms. Maloney, sobs to the police over her phone and acts as if there is no tomorrow, which there isn’t for Patrick Maloney. She speaks to the police with an emotionless tone. When we were children, we hid from our problems, we hid our favorite toys, we even hid other kids toys we thought deserved to be ours. The lamb leg is represented as our old toys that we protect and hide. “Whoever done it, they’re not going to be carrying a thing like that around… personally, I thinks it’s on the premises”. We didn't make it obvious that we cared too much for these toys. I remember hiding toys when my friends did so much as glanced at my toys. The detectives are jumping to conclusions when this is said “probably right under our noses” and the detectives are devouring the lamb leg, devouring the murder weapon. “Mary Maloney began to giggle.” The giggle is a loathsome giggle that knows the truth behind the

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