How Did Mary Doloney React To Eichen House After Murder

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Wife Sent To Eichen House After Murdering Husband On Tuesday evening April 12th, Mary Maloney, wife of officer Patrick Maloney, had murdered her husband after he had said he was going to divorce her, in their home. Out of anger, Mary Maloney had hit him on the back of his head. Detectives do not know what weapon was used, or where it was hidden. On Tuesday evening, Patrick Maloney had come back from work, but his wife was not home. She had gone out to get groceries, and when she had come back, she saw her husband lying on the floor, dead. Mary Maloney had said “I was just out to get meat and vegetables, and when I came home I saw Patrick dead on the floor! I immediately called the police.” Detectives have not found the weapon used to kill yet. …show more content…

“He said he was in love with another woman” said Mary Maloney. “but I was 6 months pregnant. What was I supposed to do?”. Mary Maloney had said she hit her husband with a kitchen utensil, but does not remember where she had placed it. Detectives had searched all of the Maloney’s house, inside and out, and had no idea what weapon was used exactly, or where it was left. Policemen had handcuffed Mary Maloney, and said trial will take place soon. The trial had took place on Monday April 19th, a week after Patrick Maloney’s death. Mary Maloney had pleaded not guilty, and judges asked for the evidence. But, of course, the evidence was still not found. Without the evidence, and since Mary maloney was about to give birth, the judge had decided not to put Mary Maloney in jail, but said she will be sent to Eichen House (mental institution), for upto 4 years. Further information about this will come soon. If anyone has any information about this crime scene, or has witnessed it, they are to contact 678-890-7657

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