Hobo Nick And Scrooge Character Analysis

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Have you ever heard of Scrooge he is a man who was a miser and changed to respectable man. In this essay I will talk about how a sudden change can change someone's life. I will be talking about Hobo Nick, and Scrooge in act 1 and 2. Now I will talk about Hobo Nick in At a Crossroads. First I will talk about Hobo Nick. From the reading I know that Hobo Nick wants to leave his home and everything because of how he feels about life. In paragraph 4 it also says, “Nick had a comfortable life. He had a good income, a house, a new car, and a new motorcycle. He was moving forward with his life. By society’s standards he should have been happy, but he wasn’t”. In the last paragraph of At a Crossroads it says “The point is always to give more than you take” making me think he feels better about life and is happy to help others now. Another man who was affected by a sudden change is Scrooge which is who I’ll talk about next. …show more content…

From the reading I know Scrooge is a miser who everyone laughs at and no one think is going to change. According to paragraph 8 it says “(disgusted) He and I were partners for I don’t know how many years...and undoubted bargain” this leads me to believe that Marley is ashamed or embarrassed of Scrooge. In paragraph 6 the author states,” You're poor enough!” which tells me that Scrooge is a miser and doesn't care about anyone else's well being. next I will talk about Scrooge in act II and how his life suddenly

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