Femininity In International Business Essay

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Introduction (290)
In this era of rapid globalization, international businesses are getting a lot more intense among the countries. International business is basically defined as a comprised of all the dealings between two or more countries and regions such as sales, investments, logistics and transportation and others. To operate an international business, it is necessary and is very important to understand not only the domestic culture and also the culture of the host country (Piepenburg, 2011). Different countries have different behaviors. For example, the way of Japanese people to greet someone, they make a bow in order to say hello. However, Americans usually shake their hands with people who they meet. Moreover, different countries also
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In collectivist cultures, people not only looking after themselves and also group that they belong to in exchange of loyalty. Collectivists tend to work towards collective rather than personal goals and are responsible to the group for their actions. Moreover, success and failure tend to be shared among the work place rather than any particular individual’s one.
Masculinity versus Femininity
Hofstede described masculinity as the degree to which culture value aggressive goal orientation, personal achievement, competitiveness, assertiveness and their wealth accumulation whereas femininity is the degree to which culture value quality of life, relationship and cooperation in the society. Countries that have high side of this dimension such as Japan, Italy and Germany are masculine society. People in masculine society tend to be very decisive and put more attention on their career. Work is clearly prevails over the family and it is an acceptable excuse to neglect family but not for family.
However, people in feminine society, whether men or women, try to balance family and work. In such a culture, women are encouraged to work and take care of the family at the same time. In feminine society, family comes first before work. Therefore, femininity demonstrates passive goal behavior. The examples of feminine culture of countries are Norway, Denmark and

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