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READER, the incredible tales of my life will come across as astonishing or unimaginable. Some might say the story is too farfetched from the truth. Don’t fret dear reader, this story I will tell you is completely truthful, and the descriptions revealed in this tale contains no lies. All of the accounts that I recall in this epic have happened to me throughout my life. The tales in my life might seem like a mythological fable to some. But there is nothing fictitious about this tragedy. My name Sallie Mae Jenkins. I was born on the horrid and massive Jenkin’s Cotton Plantation in Batesville, Mississippi. I am unaware of the date of my birth, but the only details my admirable mother told me was I was born in the dreadful winter months near the time of Christmas. The awful Jenkin’s Plantation contained over 200 slaves. Because of my bright luminous skin complexion, it was rumored that Mr. Victor Jenkins, the master, was my biological father. My mother and father advised me that those rumors were an inaccurate myth. My parents worked diligently in the cotton fields year round. When I was around the age of six I was assigned to work in the house to accompany and entertain Miss. Holly J. Jenkins. Miss Holly was Mr. Jenkins biological daughter. I was utilized as her play doll. I suffered from physical and mental abuse while I was alongside Miss Holly. While with Miss. Holly, I …show more content…

While in Boston, I attend St. Matthew Baptize Church under the leadership of Pastor Perry C. Little. I confessed my shameful tale to the Bishop, and he and several other abolitionists in the church inspired me to compose a novel of my life. My testimony is only a snippet of what life is really like in the gruesome southern slave states. Hopefully, this tale will raise awareness and concern for the plethora of men and women still suffering the grim existence of slavery. May God bless every being that lay their eyes upon this adventurous

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