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Trude Silman Holocaust Child Survivor

The Holocaust is one of the saddest moments in human history. While World War One and 9-11 were both hugely devastating blows to us and many others, World War Two exceeds both of those in horror and effect, and it all happened because of one man. Adolf Hitler. Though we all mourn over what horrifying events we had in our past, we still had to have some celebrations for the good things, such as the fact that the Allies won the war, and some minor celebrations for the little things, like the survivors. One such survivor is a woman named Trude Silman, who was a child during the Holocaust. If the Holocaust had not happened, then we would not have learned about Trude’s story of survival.
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Trude was born ten years before the Holocaust, so she was still considered a child when it happened. A famous quote by Trude, “Even today, the Holocaust begins to slip living memories,” made lots of people think. Trude meant that people are beginning to forget about the horrors of the Holocaust, even though it wasn’t that long ago.
The story of Trude’s Holocaust experience is her escape. She had to hike three miles to escape by train. At the time, she was living with her aunt. Her sister had escaped to London before this, but her mother and father sent her to London with an aunt and cousin after Trude’s aunt was able to find work in London. To this day, Trude still doesn't know what happened to her mother and father. (Metropolitan University Staff) The reason she had to escape or evacuate from her home was because the Nazis were building a camp nearby. Somehow, Trude’s aunt learned that their family was being targeted by the Germans, and they needed to flee. It was Trude’s aunt’s idea to hike to the train. The train they took was not a passenger train, but was a cargo train that they jumped aboard to get away. They hid on the train for fourteen hours before the train left. They packed small snacks in case they got hungry. (Joshua

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