Holocaust Vs Darfur

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The idea of genocide has always existed throughout the world, ever since people struggled for power, wealth, and resources, as well as the concept of superiority and inferiority. As a more superior group of people gain power, they form new ideas of making a perfect society for them to live in. They start to terminate everyone else who are considered inferior to them or either those who oppose, which is a typical way of how genocide occurs. In Nazi Germany, soldiers under the leadership of Hitler had attempted to annihilate the entire “inferior” race, which they believed were hindering their nation. While in Darfur, militias under the order of the Sudanese government massacre rebels, as well as terrorize villages where innocent civilians live. Although there are some differences between the Holocaust and the genocide in Darfur, in both situations, a group is looked upon as "superior" and gains more power because they possess something that is thought to be more advanced. …show more content…

The Janjaweed militia raid their villages, and burn people’s homes. Many victims suffer from malnutrition everyday because of food and water shortages. It is especially difficult to find water, since there is little rainfall, and the Janjaweed are always hunting down those who attempt to find water, as well as polluting the water sources of villages. Even young children between the ages of ten to fourteen are sent into deserted places to find water, but are (most of the time) eventually killed by the militias. In the case in Darfur, the Arab Africans (Janjaweed and Sudanese Government) believe that they are superior over the black Africans (Civilians and Rebels). Many civilians, whose homes were destroyed, are displaced and wander looking for water and food. They try to build their own temporary homes, and find new camps, or either flee to Chad (a neighboring

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