Bosnian Genocide And Holocaust Similarities

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All the genocides have one thing in common which to eliminate a certain group for stupid untrue reasons, with only the motives being different. The Holocaust might be the most documented genocide but like all other genocides such as Bosnian and Bangladesh genocide, equally evil and heinous to the full max. In this essay, will be compared the Nazi Holocaust and Bosnian genocide. Like all genocides, the two genocides has extremely high number of people killed, tortured and put under evil actions. The motives behind the Holocasut were to create a “perfect race” which is the Aryan race in the world by eliminating the ones that are not, jews being inhuman and other races being sub-humans in the eyes of the Nazi. The Bosnian genocide has to do with …show more content…

11 million victims were killed in the holocaust while were killed, you have to fact in the time difference between these two events but the fact they were killed is monstrous never mind the “how” they were killed and victimized. Even though there were differences between how the victims of the holocaust and Bosnian genocide were victimized and killed, there were similarities and wicked. Victims were forced to live in ghettos and labor camps to live and work under brutal conditions for pointless and humiliating reasons. In between around 1.5 million Jews in the Nazi occupied Eastern Europe were captured or arrested, forced to dig their own graves and put along their dug grave, and fatally shot so they just fell into their dug grave. A method known as gassing trucks were used to kill Jews where they were forced into a sealed truck where the exhaust gas from the engine was led into the truck to have them suffocate to death. In July, 1995, Serbian General Ratko Mladic trooped into Srebrenica, separated the women, children and old aged from the men and mass executed 7,000 Bosniak men and boys by firing squads. The people not executed were sent to one of 381 concentration or detention camps in Bosnia. Cruel living conditions, beatings, torture, and mass killings happened daily in the camps like the Nazi camps. The camps killed 10,000 people throughout the war as the Nazi camps killed 11 …show more content…

The reason for the Bosnian genocide has to do with revenge for actions almost 500 years ago. In the 1500s, the Ottoman Turkish Empire invaded the Balkans and enslaved Christian (such as Serbs, Albanians, Greeks, etc.). They converted the Balkans to Islam to be soldiers in the Ottoman army. They massacred Christians who critised the Ottoman rule and refused to convert to Islam. In the 1990's when Yugoslavia broke up into separate, independent nations, both the Croats and Serbs targeted Bosnian civilians as retaliation due to the supposed injustices committed by Muslims on them hundreds of years ago. The Bosnians, however was thought to be descents of the Ottoman Turks, and governed Balkans during the persecutions on Balkans Christians which is absolutely not true. The fact that they were the nearest Muslim population, without no army or resistance and wanting to become independent and since Serbians in Bosnia would be subject to different laws made easy targets for Serbians nationalists and give the world reason to attack them. Nazi, however had different reason for each group they targeted as believed by them, the targets are not the Aryan race, “the perfect and superior race” therefore their goal was to make the whole world, the Aryan race. The Jews were the main target as the Nazi believed they are most inferior race, inhuman and rats therefore have and will cause destruction to the world

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