How Is The Media Created For Darfur?

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Darfur is a small region in western Sudan that underwent tragic events. The non-arab population in Darfur was viciously attacked through the systematic killing of this specific population. The purpose of these attacks was an attempt to racially cleanse the region, killing all citizens that were racially incorrect. These killings went on for a long time due to the lack of help Darfur received from more stable countries. In attempt to receive help, many different forms of media were created to try to communicate the struggles of Darfur to the rest of the world. The first example of media, was the poem, “For Darfur: Tears of Darfur”. The next example of media used to communicate the struggles of Darfur is the song, “Tears of Darfur” and the another method that was used is photography. The last method is communication through. video. Even though each media has its advantages and disadvantages, the video was the most effective video to achieve its purpose and the song was the least effective. The video, “On Our …show more content…

The poem is also very effective even though it might not visually state the problems through photography, it does use powerful words to bring out the emotion in readers. One disadvantage in this poem is that people not well attained in literature might have trouble figuring out the extended metaphors represented through the poem. Pictures also help people understand things better and the poem has no visual communication. One huge advantage in this poem is it is short and gets to the point. One part of the poem that really motivates readers to help this cause is when the author writes, “Can your simple dreams / of having a / loaf of bread and a roof above / come through?” (Badihian, 14-18). This line really shows the readers how bad the victims of Darfur are doing and how not only do they have to struggle to avoid being killed, but also struggle for food and a place to sleep at

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