Homegoing By Yaa Gyasi Analysis

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Homegoing was written by Yaa Gyasi. Gyasi confront multiple social, and political points of views. Within the Ancestral African Traditions the reader has a concise image of the political views of the Asante and Fante villagers. The Chief, King, Big Man, or Governor use this power while trading goods. Trading goods also include the tribes’ virgins such as Effia and Esi. For example, Quey was informed that slavery had been abolished and says, “It’s the question of who will own the land, the people, and the power (93). The reader also has a vivid image of the social system in the U.S facing the penal system specifically in Birmingham, Alabama. H personally witness debt peonage for himself. He was arrested for studying a “Hobbs girl” (158). Moreover,

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