Homelessness In New York City

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In New York City, domestic violence is a driving force in homelessness. This is especially the case among women and children. According to Steven Banks, the commissioner of the city’s Human Resources Administration, “the city has a gap in services for several years” (Stewart, 2015). Currently New York City 8,800 provides shelter beds and transitional apartments for victims of domestic violence (Stewart, 2015). There has been no addition in bed in homeless shelter for domestic violence victim and their children since 2009. However, between 2002 and 2009, six hundred and twenty eight beds were added special for victims of domestic violence (Stewart, 2015).
New York City has allocated 15 million in emergency funding. Now the city is seeking bids from shelter and housing providers. This is latest effort of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration to deal with homeless crisis facing the city. The house cost for New York City has continued to raise. In recent months, New York City has expanded rental-assistance programs, and set up a $10 million initiative to shelter an additional 1,000 single adults (Stewart, 2015). According this article, the demand for homeless services highlights the difficulty of the homelessness problem. Homelessness is cause by many different variables, …show more content…

I knew there were plenty of people that are dependent on shelters but I did not realize how many of those are domestic violence victims, and children. I may not be the wealthiest but I was fortunate to have exactly what I needed. I was taught by my parents to always be thankful for everything I have because there are others who don’t have anything at all; and you may never know when that day will come where you might lose everything. To this day I value everything around me and I do not take anything for granted; because I am very thankful for what I

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